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Dozens Of Pedestrians Hit In An Accident In Las Vegas

vegasstriphitandrun122015In an intentional act, a driver lurched into a crowded sidewalk. The driver did it several times on the Las Vegas strip. This act injured more than two dozen people and even killed one person. Officials said out of the surviving people seven are still in a critical condition. The accused driver was taken for several tests and is kept in custody. Though it is probably an intentional event, authorities have not declared it officially yet. It is still a doubt whether it was intentional or an accident. Thanks to the Police Department that they reached on time to the right place. Timely arrival of police cars and ambulances helped save the lives of many people.

When the incident took place, the scene turned really chaotic as people fled. Everyone came in a hassle situation, and they did not know where to go. A witness described as he was running in panic as he saw a car moving towards him. It looked as of the driver did not even wish to stop the car seeing many people in panic. It was a complete heartless incident. Whatever many be the reason, but such acts are never pardonable. People almost scrambled to control the driver, but it did not happen. It was a huge chaos, and that is all one can say to describe.

The entire incident was very disturbing. Men ran behind the car shouting to stop, but the driver did not listen to anyone. Near the Paris intersection, the car came to a stop, and people were punching its windows. Not wasting any time, the driver accelerated the car again mowing more people down. The traffic diverted people towards the Paris Las Vegas Hotel. The strip was shut down at this point. This incident grabbed the attention and anger of almost everyone. What is to happen with the accused is still awaited?

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Mario Williams to Face Pay Cut Next Season?

iFamous sports persons are paid heftily for their superior performance. They are not just paid only for their performance but also for their huge fan following. Businesses believe that they can promote their products by advertising their brand name in the matches played by the popular sportspersons. However, if the player does not perform or his team does not perform as expected, then the concerned player or team may face a pay cut. Such an incident has been in speculation after the poor run of Buffalo Bill, a popular American Club Football team.

There has been a talk that the star player of the team, Mario Williams, would receive a pay cut from his whopping salary of $19.9 million. However, the player is not willing to take the pay cut for next season, and he blamed the team’s coach Rex Ryan for his defensive scheme. Mario Williams said indirectly that he cannot be responsible for the loss happening due to the coach’s defensive strategy. With the recent loss, Buffalo Bill was expelled out from the playoff competition for 16 seasons continuously.

Coach of the team Rex Ryan told the players that there will be drastic changes if the team does not perform better in the upcoming matches. He said that the players have to prove themselves in the next two upcoming matches. It is not only from Mario Williams, but other players have also questioned the defense of Rex Rylan and his adjustments. It has to be noted that Williams has already warned Alex’s plan in October.

However, the comments and criticism do not seem to shake the Alex and he seems to stay firm on his idea. The instance of a rift between players and coaches is nothing new as they have been happening for a long time. Sammy Watkins, who is Bills’ wide receiver, also conveyed his disappointment to the reporters during the post-match conference. He said that the team is new, and players are slowly getting known to each other.

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