San Antonio Pest Control – Termite Treatment

San Antonio Pest Control – Termite Treatment

Our certified termite control professionals can detect existing termite infestations and devise a termite treatment plan to help you eliminate your termite problems. In addition, you can schedule regular termite prevention measures to avoid the expense of ever suffering from termites again. Are you suffering from termites right now? Unfortunately, there is no time to wait. The longer you wait, the more the termites will destroy your home, which happens extremely fast. Our exterminators connect you to top-rated experts highly experienced in termite control. Their advanced and highly effective termite treatments will provide you with total termite control & elimination while treating your property with the utmost care.

A termite inspection will consist of a visual inspection of readily accessible areas of your home. The termite inspector will look for evidence of wood-destroying insects and wood-destroying organisms. The termite inspection includes both the interior and exterior of the property. In areas where termites are prevalent and houses where there are no sub-areas, the attic and basement (if applicable) may also be inspected. Once the termite inspection has been completed, the findings are reported on the appropriate form. Typically, a termite inspection will last 30 to 45 minutes for a complete inspection. The time frame is not accurate for all properties as it primarily depends on the size and condition of the home and property. To help along the process, clear storage items and clutter to make areas to be inspected easily accessible.

Contact our exterminators to get in touch with a termite inspection specialist. Termite treatment cour termite control professionals use Termidor, the #1 termite defense product in the United States. Termidor termiticide/insecticide is a professional termite defense product effective on native subterranean termites, Formosan termites, and dry wood termites. It utilizes an advanced non-repellent or undetectable liquid technology that termites cannot see, smell, taste, or avoid. Instead, they contact, ingest, and share Termidor, unaware that doing so will inevitably kill them. Termite treatment cost considerations include the type of treatment you choose, the type of guarantee you select, the size of your home, and the type of foundation your home has. Average costs for termite treatment tend to cost homeowners between $800 and $1,300. Schedule a termite inspection or treatment by calling us today.

Signs of termites
Some signs that your home may have a termite infestation are:
* Drop tubes. These thin tubes can be found hanging from the ceiling and rafters. If you have identified drop tubes, contact our exterminators today to get a free estimate for termite treatment costs.
* You find a honeycomb pattern in the wood that these termites have consumed. Have you identified a honeycomb pattern in your wood structures?
* Swarmers of what look like flying ants can be found near light sources.
* Working tubes are found on the ground and walls and are light tan in color.

Contact our termite exterminators today, and we will get your termite problem under control immediately!

Residential Electricians – Services

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Residential Electricians – Services

Residential electricians will tell you that kids will stick their fingers into an outlet even with an adult present. Protect your kids from injuries and burns by installing childproof outlets. However, according to residential electricians, you can do a lot more to keep your home, kids, and property safe.

Safety for residential electricians also means that you have integrated smoke and fire alarms, surge protection to spare your electronic devices from power surges, and installed and maintained power generators in case of a power outage. Injuries from electric fires or electrocution come from faulty wiring or appliances, outdated, damaged, or exposed wires, and code violations of residential wiring.

First Step to Safety: Electrical Audit by Residential Electricians

To mitigate the risk of loss or injury, start with an audit by licensed residential electricians. You need a residential wiring company that can offer a full guarantee on its services is insured, and has been a long-time presence in the community. Another plus is having a home electrician willing to charge budget-friendly prices.

Our Electric Company is one of those residential electricians that meets all the above criteria. We are available 24/7 for any residential wiring or electric problems and quickly respond to emergencies, no matter the time or the day.

Solutions-driven Residential Electricians

Our company comes armed with solutions whether you need help to :

Change a fuse
Install ground fault circuit interrupters (GFIC) to help prevent electrical fires
Set up surge protection devices
Install an emergency generator
Set up the integrated fire and smoke alarm systems

However, our reputable residential wiring is not just focused on safety and security; we handle the lighting for function and aesthetics, retrofitting older homes for power, or creating an atmosphere in selected rooms through recessed or track lighting.

Our wiring experts will professionally hang your flat screen TV, wire your home theater for the best sound and visual quality, hide the surround sound speakers (if you want them to), install home automation, and integrate your media room wiring – there is nothing too small or too big for these residential electricians.

Whether upgrading your house or building a new one from scratch, you want to call on the advice of our expert residential electricians. If you are confused about achieving energy efficiency, let our residential electricians show you how.

You can accomplish a lot with proper lighting by the residential electricians. The most effective way to transform a room is to install new lighting fixtures or use lighting creatively to create a mood or to highlight artwork or architectural details.

Find out more about our residential electricians and what we can do for you. Call us for a free consultation on any questions about your home’s residential wiring.

Plumbing Services and Repairs San Antonio – Faucet and Sink Repair

Faucet and Sink Repair

The faucets and sinks in your home or business play a vital role in your comfort. When you have a problem with your bathroom fixtures, you want service from someone who can make faucet and sink repairs fast. That’s why Our Plumbing Company is here to provide you with master plumbers who care about you. Plumbing - Faucets and sinks repair

We understand that a faucet or sink repair problem can be a major inconvenience, so we respond to service calls fast. Our team can handle everything from faucet repair to sink installation, and we always provide upfront pricing before any work begins. When you partner with us, you control the entire process and our guarantee backs all our services.

Our Bathroom Plumbers

Our plumbers know bathroom faucets and sink inside and out and we only hire licensed and insured plumbers with a proven track record of performance. We drug screen and background check each employee, but we also investigate things such as character and integrity before making a hiring decision. We are committed to providing the best plumbing services, so we go the extra mile to find the best plumbers.

Faucet & Sink Repair Services
Faucet Repair
Faucet Installation
Sink Installation
Drain Cleaning
Leak Detection
Hose Replacement
Cartridge Repair & Replacement

Faucet & Sink Maintenance

Maintaining your bathroom sinks and faucets play a large part in keeping your plumbing system working smoothly and in avoid a premature faucet or sink installation or replacement. Additionally, a clogged drain or a leaking faucet can lead to serious problems over time, including mold, mildew, and bacteria growth, as well as flooding and structural damage to your home. We recommend you have one of our plumbers inspect and maintain your faucets and sinks at least twice a year, but if you’ve experienced problems with your fixtures in the past, you may want to have an inspection and plumbing maintenance performed more frequently.