Liverpool FC news: Reds fans claim Anfield walkout is ‘just the start’ of ticket price protests


Thousands of fans left the ground in the 77th minute of Liverpool’s 2-2 draw with the Black Cats, in protest against planned increases in the cost of games at Anfield, including a £77 matchday ticket in the new Main Stand, up from £59.

“We are happy with yesterday’s demonstration and we are pleased with the number of supporters who took part,” Jay McKenna, a spokesperson for the Spirit of Shankly fan group which helped co-ordinate the walkout, told Press Association Sport.

“The moment which preceded the walk-out also showed the strength of feeling, with the very loud, audible chants aimed at the directors’ box.

“But the protest was aimed just as much at the owners because the decision of the prices is one made by Fenway Sports Group and the ownership of the club.

“It is a good indication that supporters are very angry at prices and this will just be the start of taking more action.”

According to McKenna, further protests are planned for upcoming high profile Premier League fixtures at Anfield.

“We have got Manchester City and Chelsea at Anfield so those two league matches – where prices are still going to be on the forefront of people’s minds – will be opportunities where we will discuss what action we take next.

“For us, it is unequivocal: this is the start. A walkout of Anfield it is unprecedented – it has never happened before – and I can’t think of an occasion where it has happened in such numbers in another league ground in the UK.

“We don’t have a firm idea of what we will do yet as this has all happened very quickly, so we will take the next two days to take stock and talk to the supporters about what we do next.

“But we will be taking action because we need to. Yesterday wasn’t about letting off steam, and saying we are a bit angry but we will carry on. We really need Liverpool Football Club, the owners, and the executives to think to themselves ‘is this the right approach?'”

Before the Sunderland match, Liverpool chief executive Ian Ayre had defended the club’s stance of ticket price increases.

”I respect everyone’s right to do what they think is right but for every fan thinking about that I would say ‘Have a look at the facts’.

”You might be walking out for something you are not quite understanding. ‘If people want to leave after 77 minutes that is disappointing but it shouldn’t be because they feel the prices are wrong as there is something for everyone in there.

”If someone who sits in a certain position where there is a £77 ticket next season but can’t afford it, we have another option for them.