Jason Kidd to Undergo Surgery for Hip Injury

1450678833883-kidd-postgame-151220.mp4-184746-5.576x324Lots of people love to enjoy sports and read sports related news. Of late, there are many news articles coming under the sports category, which has caught the interests of many sports enthusiasts. The recent news is that Jason Kidd will be out as the coach of Milwaukee Bucks team as he is suffering from a severe injury. The injury has gone bad to such a level that it can be restored only through surgery. This became apparent after the team’s medical staff found the coach undergoing severe pain and seem to be unfit for coaching the team.

It is also said that the player can return to the team by February if the surgery went successfully. The player caught the injury during later part of his career and worsened badly in this season. To be more precise, this chronic injury in right hip has been bothering Jason Kidd for the last three years. Kidd said he had taken all the medicines to overcome the pain and injury. However, he admitted that he can get back to full form only by undergoing surgery.

Kidd’s absence could seriously hurt the team’s performance. This coach has been instrumental in bringing up the performance of the team in the previous seasons. During the interim period, when Kidd was sidelined, the assistant coach Joe Prunty will take up as team coach. It should also be noted that Prunty took the shoes of Kidd when the latter was suspended in the late November.

Injuries are part of parcel of the sportsperson. However, the injuries can severely hamper the sportsperson’s career depending on the severity and recovery. It is not sure whether Kidd will be able to back to team exactly after four months. If the team fared well during the absence of Kidd, then his future sports career will be a big question. So, time has the every answer.

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