Why You Should Choose Us for Your Orthodontic Treatment

*You received a personal recommendation/referral from a friend or your family dentist.

*You are greeted and seen on time. We know your time is valuable, we care about our patients and we want you to like our office..

*You see the same caring orthodontist each month who gives thorough and easy to understand explanations, offers a plan for treatment that makes sense, knows what was done last at your last visit and what you need next. orthodontic treatment

*You see an orthodontist who believes in team treatment.

*You see a licensed orthodontic specialist. Just as there are specialists in medicine (such as cardiologists, gastroenterologists, dermatologists, etc.), there are specialists in dentistry. Only about 6 % of US dentists have the additional education required to be licensed and recognized as an orthodontic specialist. A licensed orthodontic specialist is a dental specialist who dedicates his/her life to correcting misaligned teeth and jaws. Orthodontists graduate as dentists from dental school and then attend a university based orthodontic residency for a minimum of 2 additional years beyond a general dentist’s training. Orthodontic insurance benefits are only paid once per lifetime so choose the best, a licensed orthodontic specialist. Choosing a dentist who is not an orthodontic specialist can be a costly mistake.

*You receive personal attention from our orthodontist. We don’t deliver your care in assembly line fashion. We take enormous pride in the relationships we build with our patients and families.

*We don’t take short cuts when planning your treatment. Some orthodontists give you their treatment recommendation without taking the diagnostic tests (x-rays/radiographs, photo images and impressions of the teeth) that are necessary to plan/diagnose treatment. There is no substitute for having all the information that these diagnostic tests can provide and meeting the proper standard of care in our area. This is one area where taking shortcuts (skipping diagnostic tests) can lead to improper diagnosis and treatment.braces fitted
*We accept many insurance plans.

*You are offered several good payment plans including no down payment, no interest or low interest payment options that make your treatment more affordable. You don’t even have to write a check because your payment can automatically be debited from your bank account using electronic funds transfer if you desire.

*You receive personalized appointment reminder telephone calls and E-mail if your desire.

*Your treatment is “state of the art”. We combine today’s most advanced techniques with artistic flair. Computer digital imaging, staff training, cavity fighting adhesives, modern sterilizers with outside monitoring of sterilization effectiveness, latex free elastics, space age low force/high comfort wires, clear braces and virtually invisible, clear , ClearCorrect or Invisalign and Invisalign teen aligners that can straighten adult and mature teen smiles without or in combination with traditional braces.

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