Wrong Winner Announced By The Host Of Miss Universe Beauty Pageant

imageMaking a blunder on a Live TV show is something very awkward. The same kind of blunder happened at the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant 2015. Host Steve Harvey somehow mistakenly announced winner’s name wrong. The event was going on in Las Vegas where the incident was witnessed. Harvey read out Miss Columbia’s name as the winner, but actually she was the first runner-up. Originally, the winner to be declared was Miss Philippines. After the mistake was recognized, there were loud whispers among the audience. Harvey tried to take control of the mess. She said on stage “Folks let me take control of this”.

She also showed the card with the name of the winner on camera. However, the event is getting a lot of criticism as why was the event allowed to continue after the announcement of the wrong winner. Nearly for two minutes, the ceremony continued wrongly. Miss Columbia was even crowned knowing that this was not to happen. After those 2 minutes, Harvey corrected and announced the right winner. Things are unclear, why things happened like that. You can watch video of stunned Miss Philippines after the correction was made. Everyone was like “what is this happening?”

The show aired in West Coast was unedited one. Production officials said the show will not be edited for airing it on international television where the show does not go live. It was very disappointing for Miss Columbia. A statement issued by the Miss Universe Organization said that the event was highly alluring, and a live event can have human errors. They apologized in their statement to the two beauty queens, their families and fans. It was highly controversial and is still continuing to be on the air. The Miss Universe organization was acquired by WME- IMG earlier this year. In the history, it was one of the very first Miss Universe events organized without Trump. On Twitter, Trump posted a comment which said “We need you Mr. Trump”.

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